Exvagos, was considered one of the most popular file sharing portals in Spain for different users around the world using the popular P2P technology. The material catalog was diverse and offered the possibility of downloading material such as movies, TV series, documentaries, comics, music, games, e-books, software, mobile phones, images and photos, in short, it met the needs of many users, but unfortunately it was closed.

As you know, these types of sites are prosecuted by the authorities for infringing the copyright of the content they share AND, worse, they make millions a year from advertising because of the huge traffic they attract on a daily basis.

But calm down, today is your lucky day, I have prepared an updated article on movie download alternatives, and the programs are still open, for your greatest pleasure, I know you are fans of downloading, so I invite you to read the options I propose, I will also talk about the non-functionality of Exvago, and the rumors of a possible return, with an alternative domain to skip the legal barriers imposed by the copyright authorities.

What happened to the ExVagos? Not in use, not working or closed?

It’s simple: Hosting providers restrict access to Exvagos by following the decisions of the Spanish courts. Remember, they were sued for offering a lot of content without the approval of major entertainment marketing companies.

However, the company has moved its servers to another domain, Exvagos2.com (*Update: also blocked), to get around the court-imposed blockade. You can try to keep downloading all the content you want, yes, I invite you to use one of the best VPN servers to protect your data.

The problem with changing domains is that the company has to change domains regularly due to harassment. Recently they made one called ExVagostv, but a week later they withdrew it. To avoid this situation, here I propose a list of download portals that work and are waiting for you with thousands of 100% alternative content.

List of best alternative sites to Exvagos and Exvagos1 and 2

🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

I know you want to know what are the best asset portals for downloading music, movies, games, series, documentaries and more, so let’s get started and find out what they are.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

ThePirateBay3 It welcomes you with a simple graphic interface and a search engine in which you can choose the category of the content you are looking for. The design is simple but effective, it tells you what to do at any time during navigation, and most importantly it has the top 100 downloads, I invite you to use and enjoy it. You can download movies, music and games. The connection speed is good, you have to register, there is no advertising, we highly recommend it.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

A great way to download free content. The interface is simple and intuitive, it welcomes you with a search menu and shows you torrent files that are updated in a few weeks. You can get applications, games, books, audio, documentaries, videos, ebooks, Reader Friend, it is a complete download site, it is always online, the servers are fast. It has no boring ads, so come on in, register and download.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

It works too, so stop by and enjoy the content. Here you can choose free books, videos, audio files, TV series, software, photos, concerts and much more. The interface of the portal is great, it has one of the best web designs with icons that practically speak to you because they are very intuitive.

Once you enter the portal, you will get the best collections in the archive; the most downloaded and well ranked; we assure you that you will spend hours downloading the content. As with other sites, you need to register and you can use a VPN. The download speed is good, with servers full of seeds speeding up the download considerably.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Another plant will be commissioned in 2019. The site’s content is constantly updated and when you log in, you’re greeted by a news menu on the right and categories of movies, TV shows, games, music, software, trailers, adult content and more on the left. It also keeps you informed of TOP downloads, the navigation is simple and the site responds well without any advertising.

The portal suggests that users who use Mozilla Firefox do so to speed up downloads. It’s also highly recommended to use a VPN before you start downloading content to protect your IP and prevent unpleasantness in the future. You’ll have a pleasant experience because the servers are devilishly fast, with multiple seeds starting at the speed of light.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

The motto Download without limits, without waiting and free of charge perfectly reflects what you can do on this portal. Many online users say it is similar to Taringa and of course their design is very similar. You can download series, movies, games, software, books, magazines, textbooks, documentaries, anime and much more.

We consider it one of the most comprehensive download sites, and it has a good chance of becoming one of the best sites in the industry in 2019. The design is simple, versatile and searchable for faster access to the content you need.

According to users, the site is constantly updated with new content. The response time of the server is excellent, it has more than 481205 members AND increases every day It has the ranking of the most downloaded files. You can communicate with community members and there is a link to do so. Sure, but using a good VPN never hurts. Security is therefore much stronger thanks to the anonymity offered by these networks.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

100% active. It is the pre-eminent movie download portal. When you go online, you are greeted with a wonderful warning IF you MUST USE a VPN. Don’t be afraid. It’s for safety. Remember that law enforcement agencies are constantly monitoring the site and are also concerned about possible information theft. You can download high-quality movies in the following formats: 720p, 1080p and 3D.

It has a search menu that gives you access to the movie you want in its database of over 10339 movies between new and old. Every day they upload more content based on the comments they post on their social media.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Another of the most legendary portals of the torrent market. It’s as old as the TPB and has managed to avoid the constant blocking that the authorities try to apply to them because of the amount of paid content they offer to their community for free.

Its influence has been so great that in the first half of this decade it was recognized as the best P2P download site in the world thanks to its huge and constantly updated database of movies, TV shows, software, books and more.

Ads are very rare, which greatly improves the user experience, not to mention that their servers are 100% verified and offer the fastest download speeds. Of course, most of the content is in English.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

Another legend not to be missed on the list of downloadable alternatives in the P2P world. This site is by far one of the best for finding quality audiovisual content and professional programs and tools that are completely free. The database consists of millions of 100% verified links that are updated regardless of the authorities’ efforts to block them.

The interface is extremely easy to navigate to find any file. Of course, it’s important to use a VPN to keep your identity completely anonymous.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

It’s not really a download portal, but rather a BitTorrents link search engine that gives you access to all P2P downloads from the other sites I mentioned earlier.

The operation is identical to Google (distance economy), so to find what you want just type a name and it will show you all possible results in all languages, although it always prefers English, so if you are looking for something in Spanish, you should go further.

Since you don’t know which portal you are going to download from, it is more convenient to use a VPN because it is not responsible for the links you download.


🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

We conclude our list of 10 alternatives with this site, which could become one of your favorites from now on. Here you can access one of the world’s largest P2P download databases where you can download movies, TV shows, games, music, software, anime, documentaries, adult content and much more. All your content is 100% checked and updated, but it’s worth using a private server to back up.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 EXVAGOS Close?  How to enter? + Alternatives + List ▷ 2021

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