Working with this Microsoft Windows program will undoubtedly give you a number of advantages, namely that it has a variety of tools with which you can perform many functions while working with the program.

One of the most common reasons to use this software is when you want to work with numbers and calculations, because this will save you a lot of time with all the mathematical functions it offers. However, if you want to save the mentioned document, it will always be saved in .xlsx format, so you will not be able to open it in any type of application.

One of the advantages of Excel is that you can save your spreadsheets in different formats, such as text files. We will therefore explain here step by step how we can carry out this quick and simple procedure. Then follow everything we teach you in detail.

What should I pay attention to before exporting our documents as text files?

If you work with this software, don’t forget that by default you can save all documents in .xlsx format. However, this can be a problem if you want to open this file on another computer or even on a smartphone, because not all programs allow this.

The main advantage you can get by exporting as a text file is that these files are currently one of the most widely used methods to exchange data. This allows them to be read by a large number of applications used in Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Indeed, text files do not depend on any particular reading tool, but are more compatible with any program, even regardless of the version, since all these documents are stored for many years and are therefore very easy to read.

With this in mind, it is more practical and perhaps better to export all your Excel data to a text file so that it can be analysed with any other information system.

Step-by-step training on exporting Excel spreadsheets to text files

As mentioned in the letter, you can export Excel documents to a text file, which has many advantages, especially if you want to open the file on another operating system, computer or smartphone.

This makes text documents more compatible with other applications. Based on all of this, here we teach you step by step how to export your Excel tables to text files.

Follow the instructions below:

  • The first one will be Enterokay in Excel and will create the document, after creating it and ready to save it, do the following.
  • Click on the Archive button in the top left corner of the window and a drop-down menu will appear in which you must select the Save As option.

  • Then you must first find in Windows Explorer where the file should be saved. Then go to the input field.

🥇 Export Data to Text Format in Excel  Detailed Guide ▷ 2020

  • Here you see a window with all available formats, you have to select CSV (comma separated), CSV (MS-DOS) or CSV (Macintosh).
  • After selecting some of them, you must press the Save button.

🥇 Export Data to Text Format in Excel  Detailed Guide ▷ 2020

  • If you select this option, your document is automatically saved in thetext file, making it easier to share or open it on other computers.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and this will certainly help more members of the community. Thank you very much.

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