Ah, the music! A series of sounds that are simple in themselves, but together can be as complex as we are. We identify with it, which is why we like to keep hundreds of songs we love in our mobile safe.

Music content downloading is one of the sectors that attracts the largest number of users in the world, if not the largest number. Hundreds of applications have been developed to help us download and broadcast our favorite songs.

With these applications, it will be easy to access the latest hits from the global music industry, as well as classic themes that have stuck in the memory of past generations. Next, we present you with a list of the top 15 applications that you can download for free and legally from your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of downloading music in MP3 format for your Android mobile phone?

Nowadays, it is much easier to access online content on multiple platforms. The vast majority of today’s artists publish their songs on their YouTube channels or on their Spotify and iTunes accounts. However, downloading content to store it directly in the mobile phone remains the main goal of the users.

Indeed, storing MP3 music on mobile devices has interesting advantages that encourage users to opt for this method instead of just streaming on platforms.

Listening to music offline

The main advantage of downloading music to your mobile phone is that you can listen to it as often as you like, whether you are connected to the internet or not. What’s wrong with the current streaming platforms, although some, like YouTube or the premium version of Spotify, are working on the technology to make this happen, but we’ll have to wait a few years for that to happen.

Mobile data backup

Listening to music in good resolution is expensive because the data you have to download online is usually very large, especially on audio-visual platforms like YouTube that show you the songs with the video clip.

The worst part is that every time you want to listen to the song, you have to pay this fee unless you are connected to a WiFi network. Therefore, one of the best strategies for backing up mobile data is to download high-resolution music instead of constantly listening to it online.

list of top 15 apps to download songs and MP3 music to your phone and Android tablet for free streaming

If there’s one thing smartphones should recognize, it’s that their purpose is to make our lives as users easier, so accessing the content we love is very easy thanks to their many tools.

Here is a list of the top 15 apps for downloading songs and MP3 music to your Android phone or tablet:


It’s an application that was born a few years ago as a hacked alternative to iTunes, and in a way it’s been very successful. The project became the company it is today. Its application offers you a wide range of music content from all genres and artists from all over the world. In addition, you can create a playlist to listen to your downloaded music or other themes in streaming mode.

Music maniac

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This is an interesting application because it has some features that make it a little more powerful than the others on this list. You can download free high-resolution MP3 music from your Android phone.

Features include the ability to download a song directly as a ringtone or create a playlist of your favorite songs. Perhaps the only problem is that the user interface is completely translated into English. If you have no knowledge of this language, you may be confused when you learn to use it.

Gtuns Music

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

It is one of the applications in the Google Play Store that has collected the most downloads since its launch, because the quality of the music you can download there is the best on the market.

It’s pretty simple, as it doesn’t have many more features than the player that lets you listen to songs, but it works very well. However, the large amount of advertising you have to support, which you have no way of blocking, can be problematic.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

Yes, the telegram. If you don’t know what it is, we will briefly tell you that it is a social network similar to WhatsApp, but clunky, very clunky, because it has very advanced features that revolutionize digital messaging.

One of them is the bots, simple robots that help with simple tasks like downloading your favorite music. There are many like @vkm_bot who have a large database of numbers in the cloud that they access via chat.

All you have to do is find the Telegrambot user, use the commands to launch it, and enter the name of the song or artist. You will be presented with a list of songs in which you must specify what you want. You select the file in the list and it sends the file to you so you can listen to it or download it, and you can also add it to your favorites to create your own playlist.

Mp3 Music Downloader

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

It’s a pretty easy-to-use application that gives you access to one of the largest databases in the entire Play Store. There is also a player that allows you to listen to each song before you download it.

Has some importance, but is not as intrusive as other cases, and does not use advertising in push notifications.

Quick Mp3 Downloadfree

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

Another simple application, to say the least, as its functions are much more limited than those we have presented so far. It’s just a song finder so you can go get your favorite songs in good quality. The problem is that it contains a lot of advertising, which can be very intrusive depending on your sensitivity.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This is an application whose main purpose is to allow you to upload YouTube videos, but it allows you to choose the format of the content to turn it into MP3. However, this is not the original song, but the sound of a clip mounted on the device.

So, if the song clip has an intro, the sound of the intro will also be downloaded…. You can download it from the Play Store or by searching for the APK in any of the stores available on the internet. In either case, it’s a free Snaptube download.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This application is similar to the previous one in that it is designed to download music from YouTube and SoundCloud databases, with an interface very similar to the latter. Search in the search bar for the name of the song or just a link. It has a player that lets you listen to music and watch streaming videos, and the sound quality you get from it is pretty acceptable for free listening.

NetEase Cloud Music

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

For many people around the world, it is the best app to listen to music and songs completely free on any smartphone. It was born to compete with the giants Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Music, but with the intention of giving users free access to their content7.

It is undoubtedly one of the largest music databases in the world. You can download anything you want without restrictions, and you can create your own playlists to listen to directly in the cloud from your player.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This is another application that allows you to upload YouTube videos, with the option that the upload is in MP3 format, so audio only. The problem is, as I said before, it’s not the original song, it’s the audio recording of the clip in question, so if there are any intros, they are included in the download. However, this is nothing that cannot be fixed in basic audio editing software. What to do if you are concerned about the overly aggressive advertising that many people complain about.

YTD2 (theytd2.com)

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This is a download client that gives you access to an extensive database where you can find not only music, but also series, movies, books and much more. The music content is one of the most sought after by the users, most of whom have downloaded the application to access it.

It has a player that allows you to browse the online content, as well as a summary of each album, book or movie. Moreover, it has a converter that allows you to download YouTube videos by simply knowing the direct link.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

It is one of the newest music streaming companies with a database of over 30 million songs that can be downloaded for free. But there is a trick, because the application is actually paid, but when you download it for the first time, you get a 30-day trial subscription, during which you can make the desired downloads without restrictions, but after that period, you have to make a payment based on the second month. You can get this application on the Play Store or on the official website of the company that developed it.

Musical vibrations

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

An application that has been on the market for several years and offers its users the best quality. That’s why they have one of the largest legions of users on this list of applications. It is quite easy to use and at the same time very versatile for many tasks.

From here you can search for songs by name, by artist, and even preview the lyrics, which is very helpful if you don’t know the title. You can also play the songs in your player, which is pretty easy, but gives you a demo of the song to make sure it’s the one you want to download.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

This application also has a legion of users who are happy with the service it currently provides to everyone. The best part is that it has a player so you can listen to the music before you download it.

The database is one of the most complete, with current topics from electronic music, urban genre or pop music, as well as classic topics from rock, blues, jazz and other music movements. It’s completely free, but you’ll have to accept their advertising.


🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

We’ll end the list with an application that was only recently released, so you’ve probably never heard of it. However, this is one of the best things you can have on your mobile phone as it has a huge database of songs of all genres with excellent sound quality. But the most interesting thing about this application is that it focuses on party genres like electronic music (house, drum n bass, techno, etc.) and other catchy beats and gives you suggestions for playlists for any kind of party.

These are not all the applications that you can use to download music, but they are certainly among the best that you can use for this purpose, as they guarantee safety when downloading virus-free content.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 Download Free Music for Android Mobile and Tablet  Guide ▷ 2021

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