Zippyshare is a very well-known site, although not everyone can access it because it is blocked in some countries. Although this seems unnecessary, we would like to point out that it is not available in all countries, so other regions and continents can still access it for free.

To find out in which regions and countries access to this site is still possible, we invite you to read on. You will also find some sites that serve as alternatives to Zippyshare.

In this list of 10 alternatives, you will find some very well-known sites and others you haven’t even heard of, but which still provide an excellent service, much to the delight of all users.

What happened to Zippyshare, the famous direct download portal?


Zippyshare is a site that provides free instant downloads. Since its launch, it has been gaining popularity every day. Many consider this site an excellent alternative to Mega or other sites that offer this excellent service.

Zippyshare allows you to download any type of file, as well as images, photos and videos, as long as their capacity does not exceed 500 MB, which is the page limit for those using the free mode. Any file can be stored for more than 30 days, and what users really like is that it offers fast downloads.

Is the Zippisher closed or out of use?

Direct downloads have been around for a few years, following the successful launch of Megaupload, which is now gone. Many sites wanted to develop the same operation, and one of them is Zippyshare. However, it is no longer accessible to people living on the European continent.

Initially it was launched only in Spain, but no one living on the European continent has access to it. Although its prominence has increased in Spain (which could be the reason for its blocking in Europe), it now operates only in other countries. Among the continents that still have access to it is the United States.

What are the best alternatives to Zippyshare?

Just as there is Zippyshare, which offers a direct download service, there are others like the one we show you below. Their services are very similar, although if you live in Spain you will want to know which ones are currently active, but we assure you that what you will find for you will always offer you their services. Another good alternative is to visit torrent sites, some of which are still open.

We do not know whether Zippyshare to block not only a European continent, but also for others like the American, or just a permanent crash site, for this reason, do not underestimate this list let’s.


If we are looking for the perfect alternative, it is SaberCat, which offers storage for all types of files, with 5 GB of space and excellent upload and download speeds. Thanks to its organization and layout, it can be used quickly and easily, it has a style very close to WordPress.

And if you are one of those users who needs a free mode, you can find it here. However, in premium mode, you will find unlimited service. We can’t help but mention that you can create a user and access it from your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, so you don’t have to remember a new user with a new password.


This is also a good option, we can backup our files with no expiration date. We can make one free listing and one free listing through the referral mechanism where you sign up, create a link, share it with your friends and every time they order, you get a bonus to redeem and get a better service.

The download speed is really amazing, and even in premium mode, we can make multiple downloads of each file. The storage system is absolutely easy to use and share, so others can download what we share.


It is a famous place where we can access our files as often as we want to store them in the cloud and also share them with our friends and acquaintances to download them again whenever and however we want. This method is often used for PC software downloads because the speed of downloading the content is very high.

It provides a very secure system that prevents others from modifying our files without our permission. This platform is one of the safest compared to others. Thanks to these and many other advantages, Mediafire enjoys an excellent reputation among its users.


This site is all too familiar, especially if you are one of those who likes to download illegal files. 4Shared offers a 10 GB service for free use, and to upgrade to 100 GB, you have to pay 10 euros per month. So, if we want to use it for free, we have to keep the large amount of ads that this site has.

The downside of this site is that it does not offer us any privacy, which many people find uncomfortable, but for the rest of us it is a site that fulfills its purpose. Like other storage services, it offers the ability to share downloaded content through links that allow you to download the content from anywhere.

opentext higftail

This site is very well known, even though it used to be known as YouSendIt. But the fact that they have changed their name does not mean that their quality has decreased. Open Text allows you to save files of 250 MB and 2 GB. But unlike the free mode, the Premium (paid) mode offers unlimited service and storage up to 10 GB.

It is more familiar and popular with people who teach virtual courses or seminars, although nevertheless errors sometimes occur when using this site, especially when downloading files.


Send Space is a website that allows you to store files of any type, with a limit in free mode of 300MB that if they do not have the necessary interaction, they are deleted after 30 days, their price may vary and it all depends on the size and type of the file, although in premium mode this is usually not the case.

Premium mode costs $10 per month and, among other benefits, offers the advantage of being able to expand the storage service up to 100 GB with no expiration date and up to 4 GB per file.


Web is highly valued for its services, although it does not stand out more than its competitors because they value it. It offers a maximum file size of 10 GB and unlimited storage in the free mode, but the amazing thing is that we can download content and it gives us 90 days to delete it if it is not mobile.

This website has a downloadable application that you can take anywhere. Not only is it available in most countries and languages, but the files can be downloaded from HTTP or FTP servers.


Used by many great professionals who rely on a mobile platform that allows us to download and upload any file. The interface and design are absolutely simple and allow us to manage the system quickly, not to mention the fact that we can share our files with anyone.

The security level is a bit high, even sufficient, but it is still a good tool for those of us looking for an alternative to Zippyshare because their services are very similar.


Although this tool is not as well known as many of those listed here, it provides an excellent service when it comes to downloading files. It is compatible with most browsers and available in most countries.

Wetransfer offers a free mode and a plus mode, although they are different, both can be used to the maximum, you can also find an Android application. Moreover, we can share everything we download with our friends, relatives and acquaintances, so they can download it without any problems.

Go to


Finally, we are left with this excellent tool that allows you to share files anonymously and by logging in. Although the benefits of anonymous sharing are not the same as when we have a folder. Moreover, a payment method can give us many more advantages, such as unlimited space.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and that will certainly be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you very much.

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