As a pioneer of direct download and file hosting services, Rapidshare has specialized in the hosting of numerous illegal content. No BitTorrent software was required to access movies, series and music albums or to connect to torrent sites. Click on the link and you have downloaded the desired content. It was clearly a great option, but unfortunately it interrupted its services and left a void for fans of online downloads.

This site uses cloud technology, which is a service model in which data is stored, managed and protected remotely, this company stands out from its competitors, for a portal that had good speed on the servers, in addition to being with a wide range of categorized content.

That’s why I’ve brought a very specific article for you, with other download alternatives that remain open, and that can fill the gap that Rapidshare leaves so you can keep downloading your content at home or in the office; as long as you have an internet connection. I also answer the question that all internet users ask themselves: Is it illegal to download files and programs from these web portals? I invite you to read the material.

What happened to Rapidscher? Does not work or is closed?

RapidShare, based in Switzerland, was founded in 2002 and has become one of the most popular file sharing and hosting services. This puts you in trouble with GEMA or RIAA, who represent the interests of the American record industry because of illegal copies of works.

This company has hacked into most of its files and encountered many legal problems. When MegaUpload, its main competitor, was dismantled, the site reacted immediately by restricting streaming to non-paying users. A gesture that triggered the departure of many pirates.

Then the company tried to attract new users with paid offers of 50 and 100 euros per month. Unfortunately, the market is very rich in aggressive players, and these efforts have never borne fruit.

At the beginning of 2014, the management presented 23 of the 24 remaining employees with a rather symbolic choice: Dismissal or retirement. Most of the crew jumped off the ship, allowing them to sail for a few more months until the end of the adventure was announced. With this in mind, I present you with a list of the best alternative download sites for RapidShare.

List of the best alternative download portals on RapidShare

Now that you know RapidShare may never return to its old ways. You can be sad, but you shouldn’t be. There are other portals that are very useful in this respect, so I present below 5 alternatives for downloading RapidShare.

This is the name of the site that replaces Megaupload, which was launched on the 19th. January 2012 was closed by the FBI. The official launch took place on the 19th. January 2013. According to its founder Kim Dotcom, Mega is faster and safer than its predecessor. The company is registered under the New Zealand domain name :

They have now made some improvements to their servers:

  • The maximum download speed of Megaupload was 200kb/s for unregistered users and 300kb/s for registered users, but there is no speed limit anymore. The download speed is 80 kbps.
  • Previously, users had to wait 25 seconds (if registered) or 45 seconds (if not registered) before downloading a file, but there is no more waiting time.
  • Megaupload had 3 banner ads plus 1 pop-up per download, removing all ads.
  • Downloads are now performed with 256b SSL encryption.
  • MEGA is compatible with mobile devices

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

It has become a viable alternative to downloads because it has one of the best free storage services. Its performance makes it one of the five most popular downloads among users.

It was born in 2006 in Texas, USA. More than 8,000,000 million visits were registered in 2008. The prestige stems from the fact that it allows parallel downloads for users who are not registered on the platform. It is therefore important to know the characteristics of both the paid account and the free version:

  • With a free account you can only host files up to a maximum size of 200 MB. In the paid version, the maximum size is about 5 to 10 GB.
  • The free accounts have been increased by 10GB of storage since mid-2012. Payment accounts have a capacity of 100 TB.
  • When a user downloads a file, the links are filled with advertising, thanks to this action he receives money to finance the project. In any case, these ads can be blocked by installing Adblock.

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

One of the main storage portals has announced an increase in the capacity of files that can be downloaded by those who are not registered with the company, to the delight of users.

Until now, qualified No Premium users only had 500 MB of files to download, but now you will be able to download files larger than 1 GB, the genre has become a favorite in the online download community.

They have been offering this service since 2005 and remain one of the leaders in the market for downloading files and have established a place for themselves in the market for free and unlimited file hosting.

The company currently offers the following services:

  • You can share information via a social media link, blog or chat.
  • It allows anyone to upload a file to your account to view it with the uploader.
  • This allows you to share audio files for free.
  • You can download all the files you need indefinitely.
  • There are free plans and paid plans.

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

It’s a similar suggestion. You can download a separate application for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux that allows you to download multiple files at the same time. With the free edition you can download files up to 300 MB, while with the paid Premium edition you can download files of more than 1 GB.

To use SendSpace, simply go to the main page of the service and click the Browse button. Select your file and voilà, all information will be stored on the servers. Depending on the file size and internet speed, this may take a few minutes.

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

It is a web portal that provides the user with a cloud storage service. Just like the previous one, it allows you to download files. And there are free and paid options. It was launched in 2006.

What makes it attractive is the size of the file the user can download. I’m talking about 100 GB of information, that’s impressive, at the moment only registered users have this capacity. While a free user can only download files.

Is it illegal to download files and programs from these web portals?

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

According to intellectual property law, any human intellectual creation can be protected because it is original. In practice, most online content is protected by copyright, be it images, music, text, movies, etc.. They cannot be downloaded free of charge without the consent of the author or the company representing him or granting him the rights.

When we talk about illegal downloads, we are essentially talking about copyright infringement. A person who makes available to other users a share, data carrier or film acquired by him without the author’s consent is liable for the infringement of intellectual property rights. Ultimately, this is an option that is available online. As long as this option exists, people will continue to do so, it is your choice at your own risk.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will contact you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you so much!

🥇 Does RAPIDSHARE close?  How to enter? Alternatives ▷ List ▷ 2021

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