It’s normal to like the song we hear online, it’s also normal to want to take it everywhere with us, but in order to do that we have to download it. Many have used websites to download such files, but many are now closed.

One of the latest sites to be hit by censorship is FLVto, one of the world’s largest portals for converting Internet videos and downloading them to MP3 or MP4. This is the reason why millions of users in Spain are currently affected by this loss.

But don’t worry, you know we’re happy to make decisions about your life for you. Therefore, in this article we will show you the best alternatives to FLVto that are not yet censored, so that you can always upload any content you want to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video platform.

What happened to Not working or closed?

The Association for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights (AGEDI) has succeeded in having the site, which allows the illegal downloading of music from the Internet, shut down, along with other websites.

The hearing took place in Barcelona in the context of the preventive blocking measures requested by AGEDI for this ambitious project to completely prevent the access and construction of a new site on Spanish territory.

The main sites offering this illegal service:


Let it be written that the administrators of these sites have no means to stop this activity, which illegally generated significant revenue, the technique of which is known as stream ripping and the two main top sites were, which reached position 215 and at 895 only nationally.

Antonio Guisasola, president of AGEDI and PromusicaeIl pointed out in his speech that after the decision of the magistrate to close these sites, they received very positive comments from the producers of phonograms, pointing out that this was a victory to eliminate the beginning of the problem.

However, after so many conflicts, the administrators managed to reactivate one of their domains, although there is still no exact information on how they managed to do so.

The other important thing in this case is that the blockade is only on Spanish territory. The FLVto community in Latin America reports that each of the project areas can be perfectly connected to that continent.

List of best websites to download and convert videos to other alternative FLVin formats still open

Below is a small list of the best video download and conversion sites on the internet that are successfully replacing well-known sites that have been shut down by various security and copyright authorities.

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

It is a free online media content conversion application that allows you to use almost any audio or video web address by converting it to the most popular formats (AVI, MP3, MP4).

It should be noted that in the latest update, it offers instant download with excellent image quality. With this simple converter, you can download videos from the internet to your mobile phone, PC, TV or other device and watch them offline.

To convert the content, go to the page, add the url of the video you want to convert or download (you can also download files from your computer), click Next, then select the desired format and download it.

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

An excellent converter that allows you to quickly change the format of video and music files, as well as the extensions most used by the cyber community, also allowing you to download files easily and for free. This service is available for computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Videos are converted and offer the best possible quality to ensure a good experience. The only drawback of this converter is that it cannot convert more than two hours of audiovisual material.

This service is completely free for everyone and requires no software or registration. From the moment you use the service, you immediately accept the network conditions. Click here to access the page

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

Thanks to this online service, you can convert all your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 in the best quality. It’s pretty easy to use: Enter the URL of the audiovisual material on YouTube and after a few seconds you will get a link to download the mp3 file.

It has one of the fastest conversion speeds on the market, and manages to convert literally anything on YouTube to mp3.

Moreover, this valuable service accelerates downloading to mobile devices by using the generated QR code to download the content. Moreover, unlike the previous one, there is no restriction at all, although it must be said that there is a slight excess of advertising. Website address :

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

This is a more convenient online application to convert any YT flash video to MP3 audio, as it provides a fast and complete service without the need to register in advance.

This wonderful online software only needs a URL of the favorite video or music, , and then it separates the audio from the image so it can be extracted and converted to MP3. By downloading you automatically accept the terms and conditions of the site. Click here to register:


🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

This site has been updated and improved to significantly enhance the user experience. It is a converter that guarantees fast conversion and download of audio and video files, based on a visually very user-friendly platform that allows users to quickly find all the options.

One of the main goals of this site is to support all its services for free, simply by using ads to pay the bills. nothing2mp3 therefore asks all users to turn off ad blockers when visiting the site to contribute to the project. To access the page, click on the following link: and .cc

Save from .net

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

It is an online site that allows you to download videos or music quickly, easily and for free, in addition to the fact that it is not necessary to install any other software to use it. It is very useful for downloading all kinds of audiovisual material.

Enter the url of the video and download it. There is a video download extension available for Google Chrome.

It is compatible with most streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others, it has few ads which are very annoying on other sites. To use this online application, click here :

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

A free media converter mainly used to convert mp4 video files from YouTube to mp3. Use different formats to save files to a device or computer. This website does not store user information or videos on its servers.

It has a variety of features that make it important to some of the online community, such as instant, unlimited and free downloads, offline video viewing, high speed and ease of use.

To use the converter, just enter the URL of the page where the video file is located and click Start, then choose the desired format, or you can leave the recommended format on the same page and then click Get Link to download the file. Register by clicking here:

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 Does FLVto Close?  How to enter? + Alternative Websites ▷ 2021

Author: Mario Jose

As a licensed journalist specializing in investigative reporting, I seek the truth in all things. Today it is 100% focused on technology, computers and the internet.

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