If you consider yourself a gamer, or if you spend a lot of time playing computer games, you’ve probably heard of Discord, because it has become an important platform for players to communicate through private servers, which has also allowed them to form large communities.

The ability to send instant messages, chat online, share screens and connect to specific servers for different online games make it the favorite game of many. Because of this popularity, the developers introduced the first paid features with Discord Nitro in January 2017. This edition promises to offer users exclusive features that enhance their experience.

We will then guide you through the different steps and give you examples on how to use and take advantage of this bonus.

What is Discord Nitro and why do I need this Discord subscription?

For those of you who don’t know yet: Diskord is a means of communication used for large chats and VoIP calls. This platform is available for all target groups in any operating system and can be used both in the browser and in the installed application. Because of its characteristics, this tool is used by large gaming communities around the world….

Discord Nitro, on the other hand, is a paid or premium version of Discord that is attractive to many users because it offers exclusive bonuses in addition to all the basic features of the application. It is available in two versions: Nitro and Nitro Classic. This subscription expands and improves every function of the previously free tool, about which we will learn more later in this post.

How does the transition from Nitro to Classic Discordance work? Key benefits

As we’ve explained, Discord’s features are supported on Discord Nitro free of charge, but by retaining your membership, you’ll have access to incredible features.

The Nitro Classic difference offers you the following benefits:

Using the animated GIF Avatar

Discord Nitro allows you to add a GIF to your screen to customize your avatar in animated form and give it your own style.

Choice of diskette label

Normally Diskord assigns you a badge with random numbers. These new features allow you to customize your four-digit discriminator with the desired digits.

Global smiley face

Note that in the classic version of Discordance you cannot use emoticons in conversations. If you choose the Premium mode, you can use all emoticons on any server.

High quality video

Enjoy 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps image quality and full 1080p live viewing at 60fps.

Increase of the load limit

With the classic version of Discord you can download files up to 8 MB. If you buy Discord Nitro Classic, you can increase the download limit to 50 MB.


You will be rewarded with a Nitro badge that identifies you as a Premium User. This version of Nitro does not contain any server enhancements. Divergent Nitro includes all the benefits you get with the Classic version. In addition to the improvements on the server side, you can also use this to

Increase of the load limit

You have a download limit of 100 MB.

High quality video

Both screen sharing and live streaming are available in HD quality.

You have two server loads.

This increases the capacity of your servers. With the purchase of Discord Nitro, you have the option to upgrade or upgrade your server in three levels. Each level offers several advantages, such as. B. More space for emoticons, better sound quality for voice channels, better quality of live video, higher download limit, and allows customization of the server URL and banner.

Nitro prices and fees How much does it cost to rent this Discord service?

To purchase either version of Nitro, you must cancel your subscription. This can be monthly or yearly, which means you can use all Nitro Discord’s services at no extra charge after payment:

  • DISCORD NITRO CLASSIC costs € 4.99 per month or € 49.99 per year (16% annual discount).
  • DISCORD NITRO costs €9.99 per month or €99.99 per year (you also get a discount of 16% per year).
  • With regard to upgrades or server load (level upgrades), you can add additional levels with a 30% discount for each level. So, for a normal Discord user, each upgrade costs €4.99 and for a Premium user (in any Nitro version) €3.50. The payment method is credit card or PayPal.

Nitro Classic What is this exclusive game store for Nitro Discord users?

Since Discord developers released their premium version, they have also transformed the application into a gaming platform where you can not only buy games, but also play from your own library. You will be able to import, collect and organize games from disc as well as other platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store. That is, when you buy a game, regardless of the platform, it will be linked to the disc library and you will be able to play it on your Windows computer.

Learn step by step how to go from zero to Nitro.

Here we explain step by step everything you need to do to become a Premium Discord user by buying Discord Nitro on your PC:

STEP 1: Connecting to

  • Use your familiar web browser on your computer and enter the URL to connect to Discord’s main site. To do this, copy and paste the address below into the address bar, which is usually at the top of your browser: Discord.com.
  • Click the Login box, where you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your Discord account and the password you use to restrict access. Then press the Login button.

STEP 2: User settings

  • Once you are in your account, click the bottom button in the form of a thread called Custom Settings.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

STEP 3: Nitro chord

  • You will be taken to the settings page where you must click the Discord Nitro button, which automatically opens a tab on the right side of the screen where you can subscribe to Discord Nitro.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • Or sign up for Discord Nitro Classic.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • Once you have chosen the version you prefer, click on Subscribe.

STEP 4: Payment plans

  • As soon as you click on Subscribe, you will see different payment plans, both monthly and yearly. You have to decide which of the two options you prefer, click on the circle next to the plan and click Select.
  • Here we see an annual plan of 100 euro nitro.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • And this is the Nitro Classic ’50 plan.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

Step 5: Payment methods

  • After clicking on Select you have two payment options: Credit card or PayPal. Select the payment method.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • When you click on the Credit Card button, you will be asked to enter some data and then select the Next button.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • If you click the PayPal button instead, a new tab will open and you will be prompted to log into your PayPal account.

🥇 Discord Nitro  What is it? + Benefits and Prices ▷ 2020

  • Once payment is made, you and Wumpus & Co. become a Premium Discord user, enjoying all the benefits of Discord Nitro, depending on which version you choose.
  • Don’t forget you can give nitro if you want. You can also unsubscribe at any time in the settings section.

Discord Nitro is it worth buying? Aspects to be considered before a decision is taken

Considered by many as the best application to connect ,video players, Discord has given up these two premium versions to further evolve the platform. The opinions of users are contradictory, some consider it a good investment, both to improve the quality of the experience and to upgrade your servers. However, we have found other users who feel that the benefits are less in relation to the price/benefit ratio.

Here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether or not to register:

  • If you’re a community leader and have your own server, it’s important that you improve the quality of your live streaming and, of course, the videos and files you download tend to have high quality content; if you buy Discord Nitro, you get all of these benefits and are offered a discount every time you upgrade your server.
  • If you want to take advantage of the game shop, you can purchase Discord Nitro free games.
  • On the other hand, if you are a relatively regular user and you use the chat service only to chat with friends or participate in group discussions from time to time, the benefits that the service offers can not really improve your experience on the platform.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will contact you as soon as possible and that will certainly be a great help to more members of the community. Thank you so much!

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