Of course, Slack is a new solution for companies or organisations in today’s digital world. It is therefore an instant messaging tool that provides the necessary tools or options to simplify and improve working relationships between all team members. It is therefore effective for teleworking to achieve the objectives set for a particular project.

The main difference between this motion and the other is that it encourages the involvement of all members needed to improve the productivity of the company. It thus makes it possible to add an infinite number of users, official members or even guests (colleagues, external partners, customers, etc.) to the workspace in order to create a much more collaborative environment.

But once each user has finished managing the calendar, it is best to start disabling the backup account, and we will explain why below. To do this properly, we will also inform you about the steps you need to take to deactivate your account quickly and easily.

Why do you have to deactivate my Slack account when I finish my work?

As soon as your commitment to the Slack workspace has been fulfilled, it is advisable to cancel it permanently. What you can only do if you deactivate your Slack account, as allowed by the same service.

Many users now wonder why they should disable this account, assuming it is of little importance and in some cases even refuse to do so themselves. It is therefore interesting to clarify these reasons in order to encourage them to deactivate the reserve account when they have completed their work.

These reasons are cited:

  • Security: By deactivating your workplace-specific slack account, you can be much more secure with all the information you processed there during working hours. This allows you to delete messages and files you added during this period.
  • Authorization to delete profile information : Users who leave the workspace by logging out of their account have the right to request removal of their profile information from the owner of the specified space. Whether it’s your weakest name, your full name, your profile picture, your phone numbers, your email address, the information in your profile fields, your job title, etc., we will always try to find the right person for you. This improves the protection of each individual user to maintain their integrity.
  • Convenience: It can be convenient and convenient for you and other workspace participants to disable accounts that have finished working on a platform. Because you will not continue to receive unnecessary notifications that actually become annoying.

Learn step by step how to deactivate your Slackaccount quickly and easily.

Of course, you still don’t know how to permanently disable your Slack account, because you’ve never done it before.

However, you should keep in mind that it is fortunately very easy and quick to do this by simply following the next steps, which we will explain one by one:

  • If you are using the desktop version of Slack on your computer, log into your account using your favorite web browser and enter the workspace you want to leave.
  • Then find your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen and click on it.
  • When the corresponding menu opens, it’s time to click on the Show Profile option.
  • Then select the More icon and go to the Account Settings option in the small menu that appears.

🥇 Delete Slack Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

  • Then scroll down the page until you find the Disability Account option. To do so, click on the deactivate account button.
  • Then the system will ask you for your soft password, which you must enter in the appropriate field. To press the Confirm Password button.

🥇 Delete Slack Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

  • Finally, to confirm the action, all you have to do is subtract the click marked Yes and deactivate my account. In this case, your Slack account will be deactivated immediately.

All previously saved messages and files must in turn be deleted before this process can be carried out. A condition is that the owners and/or managers of the working environment in question allow this.

If you belong to more than one Slack work group, you must deactivate each account separately (the service provides an account for each participant). In addition, if you are the main owner of one of these rooms, you will not find a default option to deactivate your account, as we have informed you in advance. Therefore, you must transfer primary ownership to another person before you can do this, so that you can deactivate the account as usual.

Will my Slack account be deleted if I disconnect for an extended period of time? Can I get it back in the future?

🥇 Delete Slack Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

It must be clear that deactivating a separate account does not mean that it has been completely removed from the application system. However, when users of an instant messaging tool are absent for a longer period of time, they often wonder whether it is possible for the owners or administrators of the workspace to permanently remove it.

In this sense, we would like to point out that there is still no time limit for deleting a delinquent account after it has been deactivated for a certain period of time. Indeed, if you wish to re-enter the workspace in the future, the service will allow you to do so by default without any restrictions.

However, in order to activate a Slack account later, the process must be performed by the owner or administrator of the workspace. Indeed, members who have deactivated their account do not have the authority to activate it after they have deactivated themselves. So, if you want to return to Slack and enter your workspace, you must first contact the owner or administrator to request proper activation.

This has to be done in the following way:

  • With the web version of Slack you log in to your account as owner or administrator and click on the name of your workspace (top left in the main section).
  • Then select the Manage option from the menu and click the Manage members button.
  • Now, in the list, it’s time to find the account you want to return to, so you can click on the colon icon next to your name.
  • Once the right menu is opened, all you have to do is deduct Activate Account and you’re ready to go.

So if a user with owner or administrator rights executes this process and contacts you, you can enter the workspace immediately as a reactivated participant. However, under this condition it is not possible to access the channels you were in before the account was deactivated. The top margin of the shape.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you very much.

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