Some tasks require more time and dedication. This work is delaying the progress of the final construction. Fortunately, Slack has found an alternative. If you want to know how to automate your tasks in Slack with Workflow Builder and become more productive, read this step-by-step guide.

In teamwork, certain information is immediately shared with other team members. However, the time it takes to complete a job can be a hindrance to productivity.

Slack, a virtual collaboration platform, has created a workflow generator. A tool that promises to make routine tasks easier.

What is Slack Workflow Builder and what is it used for?

The tool will be integrated into Slack in late 2019. However, it is likely that new users of the platform will not be familiar with its functionality. Therefore, below we will explain what Slack Workflow Builder is and what it is used for. The workflow generator is a visual tool that allows users to automate their workflows.

In other words: The generator offers a wide range of useful features for creating customizable workflows in any workspace. Workflows can be defined as automatic tasks with different steps in their execution. No programming code is required to create workflows. The defined steps in each sequence are executed in the order specified by the user.

They may also be used to collect or send information to Slack or third-party services. In Slack, workflows can be as simple or as complex as the user wants. Another feature is that the workflows you create can be integrated directly with the rest of the services in the distribution centre, as well as with the applications you work with.

All members of the work environment have the ability to create workflows. Also, each guest can use the feeds associated with the channels they participate in. However, workspace owners or administrators can limit the creation of workflows to specific members of their organization. Document Builder is activated for Slack chain members who have an account with one of the payment methods.

What tasks can I automate with Slack Flow Builder?

🥇 Automate Tasks with Slack  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

The workflow generator is an asset to any business that needs to quickly solve daily tasks. What tasks can be automated with the Slack Flow Generator? Slack’s automation tool helps users.

In particular, for tasks such as

  • Configure the composition of the team requirements.
  • Generate real-time reports on any type of interruption.
  • Keep new members informed with welcome messages.

However, the workflow generator goes much further as it has many other applications on the platform.

Here we explain in detail which tasks can be automated in Slack :

Sending welcome messages

New members are constantly joining, either because they have changed teams or simply because they have joined the project as new employees. The feed generator can be used to create welcome messages to inform users joining the channel of all the information they need.

User-defined forms

Filing documents is part of the daily life of many companies. You may need to request office supplies or notify the company’s front desk and security of the transfer. All these requests and many more can be done with the flow generator, with a custom form for the given scenario.

Collection of incident reports

Custom forms with standardized input data for urgent category tasks work the same way. For this reason, the workflow generator allows each Slack member to generate outage reports as soon as they are discovered in the service.

Step-by-step guide to automating tasks from Zero with the Slack Workflow Generator

Note that Slack provides a set of workflow templates, so users don’t have to create them themselves. These templates can be downloaded and then imported into the workspace.

However, if you want to create your own workflows, learn step by step how to automate tasks with Slack Workflow Builder :

Download workflow file

Anyone in the workspace can download and save the workflow you use to share with other users. Therefore, it is not necessary to create it from scratch. Just import it into other channels and it will work the same way as in the original channel.

Next steps:

  • Enter the Computer Low Time workspace at the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the Tools button.
  • Next, select the Workflow Generator tool.
  • On the side of each workflow is an icon with three dots. Click here.
  • Then choose Upload procedure file.
  • Finally, click on Save.

Download formAnswers

If the workflow you use implements the form, you can upload your answers for use outside of Slack.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Enter the workspace via the computer in the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the Tools button.
  • Select the Workflow Generator option.
  • Go to the workflow from which you want to load the form answers. Later, click on the icon with the three dots.
  • Select Download Response Form.
  • If a feed has more than one form, you must select the appropriate form from the drop-down menu.

Modification of Workflow Steps

Of course, nothing is without change. For workflows, Slack allows you to change them at any time. You can then publish the changes you have made so that the stream is available again in the work area.

The changes you can make:

  • Add or remove workflow steps. You can also change the way it works.
  • Add a custom name or icon to the workflow.
  • Resolve the workflow to be temporarily unavailable.
  • Remove the workflow permanently.

Follow the steps below to start editing workflow steps in Slack :

  • Navigate to the top left corner of the screen and select the workspace on the computer.
  • Click on the Tools button.
  • Select the workflow generator.
  • Select a workflow from the list.
  • Click the Edit button on the page of the passage you want to change.
  • Make the necessary changes. Then click on Save. To delete a step, click Delete.
  • Choose Publish changes when you are done editing.

A list of the best applications you can integrate with Slack to automate your tasks with GFT.

🥇 Automate Tasks with Slack  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

One of Slack’s main advantages is its integration with third-party programs. Next, we present you with a list of the best applications that you can integrate with Slack to automate your tasks with GFT.

We’ll see about that:


It is the application responsible for analyzing the important information in the link. Zendesk’s integration with Slack allows us to collect interesting data from hyperlink previews before you open the portal in a browser. Ideal for members who do not have a license for certain virtual instruments.


The vulnerability can be integrated using simple cloud-based tools. This is the case for Google, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox. This time it’s the last. By integrating with the platform, you can find and share documents directly from Slack. In addition, the file headers and content in the dialogs are indexed, making them easier to find.

Commercial performance

This application allows you to set custom alarms. Ideal for reporting incidents or dealing with an urgent problem. When an opportunity is offered, the application is responsible for informing all necessary participants through a particular channel.

Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

These are two applications that can be quickly integrated into the Slack interface. These two options allow members to maintain an organized and efficient travel schedule while marking the dates of important events. You can create a workflow to add a reminder to your calendar.


The survey application is designed for surveys and research. The program uses artificial intelligence to make decisions based on data from Slack surveys. For this reason, the user is able to create an integrated workflow with Polly to collect the resulting information.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 Automate Tasks with Slack  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

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