Music has been a human companion since ancient times. So today we are not surprised when we walk through the streets of Spain and see people with headphones connected to mobile phones listening to other content.

Therefore, choosing a good digital audio player is not an easy task, because this tool helps us to improve our user experience with this kind of digital data.

There are a number of characteristics to take into account when choosing a particular player. In this article we show which requirements this tool has to meet. We also show you the best players you can find for your devices.

What are the characteristics of a good music player?

There are different classes of devices that make it possible to reproduce the sound wave using digital encoding. These devices are called digital audio players and their job is to decode the data in the device and make it easily accessible to the user.

If we have to choose a digital audio player, and given the large number of digital audio players available on the market, we will have to adjust our solution many times based on the basic functions.

The most important characteristics that an audio player should consider as ideal are discussed in detail below:

Multiple formats

🥇 +15 Audio Players Without Internet Connection  List ▷ 2020

The digital sound format is the classification and encoding of its components, the reproduction of which requires specific computer technology.

Don’t forget to consider a good audio player that can support different formats, as this will save us time and at the same time increase the range of audio selection.

Among the different formats that exist are the names:

  • MP3, of which the algorithm allows a hardly noticeable loss of quality, belongs to the MPEG group, this format is also available as MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III.
  • AIFF, an acronym for Audio Interchange File Format, was developed by Apple and is used to store digital audio files on computers. The codes are based on the electronic file format.
  • Windows Media Audio, developed by Microsoft, is also designed to minimize compression for user playback. The algorithm is not the best in terms of quality loss.
  • AAC, an acronym for Advanced Audio Coding This format is also based on an algorithm that minimizes quality loss because it is designed for maximum file compression. It is considered one of the formats that comes closest to or can be adapted to the real sound.

There are other types of files that do not immediately lose their quality during compression. We can mention the following:

  • MPEG-4, alternately divided into SLS, ALS and DST. This class of formats is one of the most widely used today, because the level of quality is truly exceptional. Usually we find them in MP4 format.
  • Abbreviation This type of coding focuses on compression for CD quality, similar to RAR or ZIP.
  • TTA, its algorithm is designed to filter the data in order to obtain a good sound signal.

Audio coding systems

🥇 +15 Audio Players Without Internet Connection  List ▷ 2020

Codecs are different classes of algorithms that allow the encoding and decoding (their name comes from encoding – decoding) of sound wave files. The main goal is to compress the sound as much as possible in order to take up less space, thus losing the lowest possible sound quality.

So our goal is to remind you that a good audio player should have the best codecs for the best user experience, because we avoid using inferior quality audio files.


To consider an audio player as an ideal, we need to be able to digitally adjust its resonance so that low, medium and low tones can be adapted to our hearing.

This is probably one of the features that users demand the most from any audio player, because with an equalization panel we can enjoy our file as we think it should be.


A good audio player should allow us to customize or change the control panel to suit our needs.

One of the most popular tools is the filter, which allows us to select the best player, but we need to see what kind of filtering capacity it has. By this we mean that we can easily choose by date, by the translator or by other criteria.

Continuous update

This is a very important point because we can have the best versions on our devices if the player gives us this update option.

Low RAM consumption

While it is true that the current formats code better to compress files so they don’t take up any space, we must also keep in mind that the player must use as little of our RAM as possible during use, otherwise we will hear audio with interference.


This is an important moment for many because they like to listen to music at high volume. If the audio player does not provide this function without distorting the file, discard it and remember that the player does not overload the speakers.

List of the top 15 audio players for listening to music without an Internet connection

🥇 +15 Audio Players Without Internet Connection  List ▷ 2020

In the following we will discuss in detail the digital audio players that exist today:

Categorize price

Over time, this tool has improved its performance to become one of the most important audio players available today. It offers us great advantages to listen to music in the premium version.

We can listen to our music if we have no internet connection and no advertising.

Single mp3

It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface, it’s easy enough to find the file we need. It is one of the best music applications on the market because the search engine allows us to discover all kinds of genres and artists simply by typing a word.

It has features that can be customized to our needs. We can install it on Android.


Thanks to this application, we can listen to music very easily and without having to resort to piracy. It has its own music database via YouTube, which also allows you to select the quality of the music before downloading it, which offers benefits that few players can match.

Download the musical APK


If we want to discover new artists, this is the best application for audio playback, with over 22 million songs in the catalogue representing more than 160 genres.

We can select our song in a few steps, and the search field is very well thought out so we don’t waste any time. Available for Android.

Download Bloom.Fm APK

Microsoft Slot

This player, created by a computer giant, is quite intuitive, because the algorithm allows you to study our musical habits and tastes, to give us the best service.

It has a number of smart features, such as the ability to turn up and down the volume in a very simple way, so you can share what you hear with just one click.

🥇 +15 Audio Players Without Internet Connection  List ▷ 2020

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

The price: Free of charge.

Download MP3 music

An audio player with which we will never have a problem if we try to download any kind of audio. It weighs 1.32 MB, making it an excellent reader that understands users’ needs. Ease of use creates a unique tool.

* Note * This application is no longer available in the Google Play, RIP store.

4Joint music

There is a version with more than 10 million downloads with very good references. This gives us more than 15 GB for all kinds of audio and an incredible playlist.


It can be used with Windows and Android. It is a player that offers us a number of characteristics that allow us to say that it is one of the best players on the market today.

Some of the most notable advantages are features such as skins, tag editor, interface extension, etc. It can generate an intelligent search, allowing us to find new translators.


It is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Released not so long ago, this player is characterized by a very intuitive and clean interface and the presence of multiple platforms.

This allows us to easily catalogue any audio file with different tags and link it to accounts such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It also allows us to convert files into different formats.

DownloadClementine Windows

Audio player GOM

It is a very user-friendly and simple interface, which also helps us to create different types of playlists through our tabs. We can get our music in a few clicks.

With the different controls we can adjust the appearance and the color of the background of the different songs. You can use it on Windows.

Download GOM WindowsAudio player


It is again one of the actors that has recently appeared, so few people know about it. It has a strong social integration achieved through plugins that allow us to tweet or connect to Spotify or GrooveShark.

The interface is simple, so we have no problems managing it. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems

Download TomaHawk Windows


This is a high quality audio player. Integration with the Apple Retail Store gives you a clear, structured way to read your media.

It is considered by many to be the best drive available for devices running the iOS operating system.


This player is called Open Sport and allows you to sync devices such as the iPod and listen to online radio stations.

The controls it has will help us to perform the programmed shutdown.

DownloadBanshee Windows


The manufacturer is the creator of Alzip, so we know that a maximum compression of the audio files is guaranteed. In this way, the space we occupy in your warehouse will be as small as possible compared to other players. Available for Android.

DownloadAlSong Windows

JetAudio Basic

It is a multifunctional player with a very complete free version and offers the right functions for compressing audio files.

It is characterized by the fact that, thanks to the algorithm, it has the advantage of presenting us with songs we like without having to search for them beforehand. This drive can be installed on iOS operating systems.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you very much.

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