For several years now, Slack has managed to establish itself as one of the best digital solutions for brands, businesses and organizations. Because thanks to the many tools it offers, you can greatly facilitate and optimize the working relations of your employees to complete their projects efficiently with the assets of the IT environment.

Therefore, it has focused on achieving the best possible benefit, with the aim of optimizing safety in the work environment, increasing communication and cooperation at work, centralizing all the information needed to develop tasks and improving the productivity of all employees. This ultimately contributes to a more prestigious environment.

To increase the productivity of workspace members, this service now allows for various keyboard shortcuts that allow for quick navigation within the application. The reason why, it’s worth knowing which are the best you can use there and we will teach you in this post.

What are the benefits of self-learning and using slack shortcuts?

In general, a hotkey is a combination of keys that allows a common action to be performed much faster and automatically. That is why they are also called acceleration keys or shortcut keys. This allows for a different and more efficient method of performing a particular task through menus or at different levels of the user interface.

As a result, a Slack keyboard shortcut has been identified as something that allows you to navigate the application with minimal effort. Both via Windows and Linux commands and via Mac machines. This unlocks some standard benefits for Slack users.

These are essentially the following:

  • They are ideal for increasing productivity when working in a commercial environment with Slack. This simultaneously makes users feel useful, allows them to focus on what’s important, makes them more creative, and allows them to take on new tasks more easily.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Slack, by their very nature, make every member of the workspace more efficient, as they allow you to move around the platform faster. This allows them to feel even more comfortable adding Slack to their work.
  • Because they increase productivity and efficiency, they are characterized by great time savings. They allow you to optimize the development time of each action in just a few keystrokes.
  • You can also promote inclusion in Slack’s collaborative environment. This means that they make the application accessible to everyone, whether they have advanced skills or not.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, the keyboard shortcuts in Slack allow your users to be smarter and more savvy with the platform. This will help them become familiar with the service and reduce existing complexity.
  • They are considered to be particularly capable of making the most of all the features that Slack offers to its members. Because through them, it is easier to learn the different functionalities that this platform offers.

A list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts you can use in youraccount.

🥇 +101 Keyboard Shortcuts in Slack  List ▷ 2021

After the above, you can definitely see that using keyboard shortcuts in Slack is absolutely effective in getting a better user experience in this application.

To help you make use of this service, we have listed the most important ones below, according to the different categories:


Fortunately, there are many keyboard shortcuts that allow any Slack user to have and use the available features on the same basis as anyone else.

We therefore recommend using the following key combinations to make use of it:




Action or keyboard combinations Space bar Action or keyboard combinations Enter Move focus to previous item Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Move focus to next item Tab Focus on channel or messages Direct keys Up or down keys Close windows, menus or message boxes Esc Move focus to previous section Shift + F6 Shift + F6 Move focus to next section F6

For message check

All Slack messages are considered essential because through them, members can communicate and interact with each other to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is useful to know how to use them with some keyboard shortcuts, and we mention some of them here:




Message EE Edit last message Ctrl + up arrow Cmd + up arrow Arrow to start or reply to thread T or right arrow T or right arrow Share message SS Send or print message with pin PP Make reminder of message MM Insert new line in Insert new line in message Shift + Enter Shift + Enter Quote selected text Cmd + Shift + 9 Cmd + Shift + 9 Put selected text in bold Cmd + B Cmd + B Put selected text in italics Cmd + I Cmd + I Unformatted message Cmd + Z Cmd + Z Mark all messages as read Shift + Esc

To scribble

They also need to be able to navigate the application to be more efficient in this platform environment.

This makes it easier, faster and safer for you to perform your tasks.

Therefore, we will explain here the basic keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the application:




Browse direct messages Ctrl + Shift + K Cmd + Shift + K Browse channels Ctrl + Shift + L Cmd + Shift + L Move focus to the previous section Shift + F6 Shift + F6 Move focus to the next section F6 F6 Open the streams of your conversations Ctrl + Shift + T Cmd + Shift + T Set up a new message Ctrl + N Cmd + N Open your settings Ctrl + N Cmd +, Show entries and reactions Ctrl + Shift + M Ctrl + Shift + M Go to channel information Ctrl + Shift + I Ctrl + Shift + I Open previous search Ctrl + G Ctrl + G Reduce or expand left sidebar Ctrl + Shift + D Ctrl + Shift + D Reduce or expand right sidebar Ctrl + . Cmd +. Set the status Ctrl + Shift + Y Call up Ctrl + T

Ctrl + K

Cmd + T

Cmd + K

Recorded items Ctrl + Shift + S People Ctrl + Shift + E Cmd + Shift + E Open unread message display Cmd + Shift + A Cmd + Shift + Open and close channels Left or right arrow Left or right arrow Move between messages Up or down arrow

Other functions

Finally, we will explain some other keyboard shortcuts adapted to Slack that essentially allow you to easily manage files and fragments, such as B. switching between the different workspaces you belong to as a member, and even useful for making certain calls in the application. So, without further ado, we will list them below one by one:




Create a new fragment Ctrl + Shift + Enter Cmd + Shift + Enter Load a file Ctrl + U Cmd + U Show all loaded files Ctrl + Shift + J Cmd + Shift + J Switch to a specific workspace Ctrl + [número].

PS: This number corresponds to the number assigned to the workspace under the workspace icon.

Cmd + [número asignado al espacio de trabajo en cuestión].

Move to the next workspace – In Windows : Ctrl + Tab

– On Linux : Ctrl +]

Cmd + Shift +]Navigate to previous workspace – On Windows : Ctrl + Shift + Tab

– On Linux : Ctrl + Shift + [ ]

Cmd + Shift + [VV Video Mute Button Activate or deactivate MM Show and select emotions E + corresponding number (1 – 9) E + corresponding number (1 – 9) Show guest list + button



+ key



If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 +101 Keyboard Shortcuts in Slack  List ▷ 2021

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