We can find a huge list of models online, each with different styles and purposes. A large number of models are offered by organizations, individuals and publishers for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Nowadays, all resources have to be managed digitally, so a lack of office skills can put you at a complete disadvantage compared to others. However, there are other options you can use.

Not only do the templates have the right label, but they also allow us to manage or create any file more easily and quickly. Knowing the great utility of these tools, today we present you with some lists that will undoubtedly be very useful for you.

List of best templates for creating custom quotes in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office suites are the tools we all use, and they are among the most installed programs in the world.

If you have these packages on your computer and you want budget templates, this list will be very helpful:

Budget for pilot projects

This is one of the most widely used models for managing work configuration resources. This template, which is only suitable for transferred budgets for construction projects, allows you to evaluate all elements of the construction, such as preparation, excavation, foundations, etc.

Download Work project budget template

Example of a master netting template

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Because we know and understand that budget control is of utmost importance in all cases, we also provide you with a special template for budgeting commercial cleaning. This is an ideal model to show the costs associated with cleaning the community you live in, as it allows you to include taxes (VAT) and even add if industrial machinery is used.

Download the asset approval template

Budget template for photo report

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This sample photojournalism budget template includes a list of items that are ideal for determining the total cost of services, including important dates for all employees, such as B : Report type, photo number, date, location, session time and more.

Download the budget template for photo-reporting

Budgetary model for operational management

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Each operational budget template includes key positions and dates to list the various services, functions and how they are managed. This template allows you to create a budget with detailed and descriptive data, ideal for managing your operations.

Download the farm management budget form

Medical budget template

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If you are a healthcare provider, the first thing you should do is to use a budget template that can be very useful. so that you can manage all your medical expenses. These templates allow you to break down costs by service or drug, so you can also manage your budget globally if you wish.

Download Medical Budget Template

Budgetary model Electrical installation

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This budget template will give you the total cost of all the services involved in the installation process, including the materials needed. You can also record a tax return with VAT for each item online.

Download the budget template for the electrical installation

Digital marketing budget template or business plan template

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Even if you don’t believe in providing marketing services at all, there are budget models that allow you to not only provide the best professional look to your client, but also manage each of your actions within the service you provide by breaking down the cost of each.

Download the digital marketing plan budget template

Best templates for budgeting your business in Microsoft Excel

In the previous section, we may have seen several templates in doc format, but this is not the only format currently available, as there are others, such as .xlsx, which are considered by leading experts to be more advanced and easier to use with certain types of templates.

Let’s go:

Activity Based Budgeting Model

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This model, whose objective is similar to that of the previous universal model, makes it possible to create any type of budget for services. The special feature of this model is its colours, as well as the intelligent interplay of blue with different shades and white, which allows a pleasant and relaxed perception of the action.

Download service Budgeting template

Creditworthiness assessment model

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This is a loan review template that you can use to set the terms of the loan or in other cases provided in the repayment form. In this document we may change the rate, any taxes and other details.

Download the Credit Scoring Model

Construction Cost Estimate Model

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Building templates can be found not only in doc format, but can also be used in Excel, thanks to this package for finding the best ways to manage budgets.

Download the Construction Cost Estimation Model

Discover the best budgeting models for businesses in Google Docs.

Budgets can also be created online without the need for a software package, which is ideal with the support of an online template and quick turnaround at any time.

In this section we present the best models for this platform:

Black account model

If you are looking for a dark budget model with an invoice template, this is the perfect model because you can give your clients an easy to understand budget.

Download the Black Billtemplate

Sample invoice

We have often seen this model in invoice lists, but it can also be our model for corporate budgets, because the main reason for creating budgets is to know the cost of a service or period.

Download the template for the service invoice

Sample sales invoice

To make this short list complete, let’s make our budget quick, easy, and clear. With this model we manage all our company balances on a weekly or monthly basis.

Download Trading Account Template

Learn about the coolest budget models in Google Cards

In this last section, we will present you with a list of the best templates to use for budgeting using Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Each of the models presented below is highly adaptable to any situation:

Annual budget

If you are one of those people who plan to summarize their income and expenses, then this model is best suited for your situation. However, it can also be used from a commercial point of view to offer customers an annual budget based on the services offered.

Download Annual budget template

Budget law for the poor

Budgets can be managed in different ways. A Reddit user suggested a somewhat specific free model to better balance daily expenses and services.

Download the model budget for the poor

Budget templatewith Googleform

This Google Sheets form is an excellent budget planner, perfect for quickly tracking current and unexpected expenses. We can track monthly or weekly expenses if we want to.

Download the budget template with the Googleform

Simple budget planner model

If you are looking for a template to break down our budget into percentages to better understand costs, this is the perfect online document for you and your needs. Keeping track of the balance between your expenses and income has never been easier.

Download the template of the simple budget planner

Sample Weekly budget

To top it off, we have an excellent model that is perfect for tracking or billing customers. Thanks to this excellent Excel spreadsheet, all your weekly and monthly plans become much easier than before.

Download the weekly budget template

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

🥇 + 101 Custom Budget Templates  List ▷ 2021

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